Issues Which Should Dominate Discussions During The NAM And G77 South Summits In Uganda

In the midst of the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and Third South (G77) Summits which are running from 15th to 23rd January 2024 in Kampala, Uganda under the themes “Deepening cooperation for global affluence”, and “Leaving No One Behind” respectively, this article provides you with a brief description of the NAM and the G77 and it elaborates some of the key issues that should dominate discussions during the Summits.

The Power Of The Pursue

It's about equality and empowerment, It's about giving women a voice. It's about recognizing the value of care, Of work that's often overlooked.

Understanding The Implication Of The Uganda revenue Authority Vs COWI A/S To The Tax Justice Movement

During the year 2018, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) conducted an audit of COWI A/S branch office operations for the year 2013 – 2016.

Hits And Misses For The Youth In The 2021-2022 Budgets For Uganda, Kenya And Tanzania

This paper examines the sectors of Health, Agriculture, Education and the concepts of Illicit Financial Flows, Domestic Resource Mobilization, taxation of the Digital Economy and improvement of the general business environment and shows how the National budgets of each of the three countries have either positively contributed to the growth of the same (Hits) or have had a negative impact on them (Misses). It also borrows from a multitude of sources to show how the three countries have fared in meeting their legal obligations under national, regional, continental and global instruments and concludes by providing recommendations on the way forward.