YTJN Statement Of Solidarity With Kenyan Youth Against The Finance Bill 2024

YTJN joins the people of Kenya in rejecting the Finance Bill 2024, recognizing it as manipulative and self-serving. This bill will raise the cost of basic products, while the additional revenue will fail to address critical public services such as health, education, and employment.

YTJN at the Pan-African Network Conference on Fighting Illicit Financial Flows in Africa

The fight against IFFs is integral in ensuring that all illicit movements of capital from developing countries are regulated, so that they can no longer erode the public finance, governance, and progress of developing countries.

The Power Of The Pursue

It's about equality and empowerment, It's about giving women a voice. It's about recognizing the value of care, Of work that's often overlooked.

Namibia's Golden Realm

In the embrace of UN's convention, A legacy they'll leave for generations, A symphony of progress, where all voices resound, A world united, where solutions are found.

The Case For A UN Tax Convention, Not A Framework Convention

The Eurodad draft UN Tax Convention emerges as one of the more comprehensive and principled initiatives, striving for a fair, sustainable, and cooperative global tax system, except that it is drafted as a framework convention with principles, not obligations.

Plea For Tax Justice In Africa

This is a cry for intervention, a longing for tax justice if you will. All this is impossible and unattainable without the UN Tax Convention. We need a UN Tax Convention to curb all these social economic challenges and pave the way towards a better Namibia.